Who are The Friends?


The Friends of the Library are a dedicated group of library lovers who decided to get more involved.


Their mission is simple - to enhance the functioning of the Pointe-Claire Public Library as a vital and diverse service to the community.  The Friends have formed a non-profit organization to promote the awareness, development and support of the library and its services.


They need your help to  achieve their objectives and maintain the first class reputation of the Library.  So why not become a Friend of the Library or show your support by participating in promotional events such as helping with fundraising and volunteering assistance for various projects like the semi-annual Book Sale?


Recently, the Friends of the Pointe-Claire Public Library contributed approximately 30% of the overall cost towards the design and creation of the new teen section.


How can you become a Friend?    Just fill out this form and bring it back to the Library.  Or you can call the library at: 514 630-1218 for more information.


With your help The Friends can make a great library even better!


Any questions? Ask a librarian

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