Children’s Librarian

Once upon a time there was a young girl named Jacynthe who loved two things very much: she loved to play with other children and she loved to read stories.


Like other girls her age, she also liked to paint and wear disguises whenever she could.  Her best disguise was as a witch!    


When Jacynthe grew up she was told she had to work.  She started to work in different jobs:  as a lifeguard, an animator, a physiotherapist… but she always felt that something was missing.


Children!   She missed children! 


Books!  She missed books! 



She missed children and books so much that she decided to look for a job in a children’s library.   She found one and liked it so much that she decided to go back to university to become a real librarian.  Not just any librarian - but a Children’s Librarian.


While she was studying, Jacynthe decided to read every French children’s book that was published in Canada.  So she became a member of  Sélection des livres pour enfants de Communication-Jeunesse for 2001-2002 and 2002-2003. But back to her work… for several years Jacynthe worked in different jobs, most involving either children or books or both.  She even worked at Babar’s Bookstore.


When she finished her studies, she was magically transformed into the Children’s Librarian at Pointe-Claire.   Since that day, she has been happy doing what she loves:  choosing books and toys for children, finding exciting new activities for them, reading stories to school groups and helping children and their parents at the Children’s Info desk.

Yes, she still reads LOTS and LOTS of children’s books but now she reads them not just to herself but also to her son!

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