If you have a question, just look for the big ? at the INFO desk.


Also  if you are looking for teen reading suggestions or you want more information on activities or teen clubs... go to the Info desk when you are in the library or contact Radha by email. 


Remember, the INFO service is specifically for you...so don't hesitate to use it.






Hey, why not become a volunteer at the Library?



If you go to school in Pointe-Claire or are a member of the library, you can become a library volunteer!


There are many different options to choose from: you can help out The Friends of the Library at the booksale, choose to help others by becoming a Reading Buddy, join the Teen Council or even help children's activity animators.  There is a lot to choose from so why not read and then decide if you want to become a volunteer by filling out the attached form.  You can then either print out the form, fill it out and bring it to the Library or  attach the  completed form and send directly to Radha by email. 


Hope to see you soon!



Any questions? Ask a librarian

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